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Contact & Policy


Professional Hotline: (415) 272-3398  (TEXT ONLY)

email: info@jessaskincare.com

Instagram: @jessaesthetician

Twitter: @jessaskincare

Correspondence Address: 436 Elevation Ave, Montgomery, TX 77316




Minimum Orders:

There are NO minimum orders. 

Large orders of $5000+ will need to setup special orders for fast shipping times. We make our product in small batches we like to make our products fresh when ordered.

If you begin to order in larger quantities you will receive these benefits:

Orders of $450+ will receive free shipping

Inquire about monthly orders of $2000 or more for more discounts. 


Back Orders/Pre-Orders:

You will receive a courtesy text or email when the order comes in, letting you know one or more items is back ordered / pre-ordered. You will be offered the option of either holding the entire order or paying extra shipping when the back ordered / pre-ordered item comes in. If your orders are separated you will be responsible for two separate shipping charges. If we do not hear back from you within 2 days the back ordered items will be excluded from your shipment, and we will automatically ship the in stock items. You understand you are responsible for paying an extra shipping charges once those items come in.


Payment Terms:

All orders must be pre-paid by credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and Paypal.  Your payment will be processed before your order is packed. Shipping will be charged at the time your order is placed.   



Packing time is 2-4 business days, shipping time 1-7 days, expect 10 business days maximum for delivery. Orders are shipped via USPS only, orders will be shipped from Novato, CA or Petaluma, CA.

For large orders of $5000+ you should expect extended packing or shipping time if you did not pre-order, due to the fact that we produce small batches of our product, some quantities must be pre-ordered.  


Shipping Restrictions:

Some of our products are sensitive to heat and could require special shipping in order to ensure that they arrive intact. Shipping without temperature control from May 1st to September 31st is at your own risk, to require temperature controlled shipping you must note this in your order or text us, extra shipping charges will apply. Please be advised that if you are experiencing hot weather outside of the above mentioned dates, it is your responsibility to inform Jessa Skin LLC.


Refused Shipments:

Refused shipments are subject to a 20% restocking fee, as well as paying any new shipping costs for re-sending your order.  You understand you will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred by Jessa Skin LLC.


Order Turnaround Times:

Our order turnaround times are usually 7-10 days or less, depending on the size and content of your order.  Please remember large orders of $5000 or more may require an additional 2-4 weeks to produce, once we are familiar with your needs we can stay stocked for quick shipping. We do not keep large quantities of our product in the warehouse because it is natural/organic and has a one to three-year shelf life. We want each shipment to be fresh. Please be aware that as we get closer to the holidays (especially Christmas, Summer Time and other special holidays), lead time may increase due to the volume of orders we receive.


Shipping Damage Claims:

INSURANCE: We do not automatically insure packages, we recommend you select fully insured shipping, if your package/s have experienced breakage/damage previously. We will replace ONE package a year hassle free, after that you are responsible for making claims for damage and insuring your packages.

INSURANCE CLAIMS: You will need to keep ALL original packaging, box, packing materials, and damaged products until a claim is complete. Photograph the inside, outside, top/bottom, interior of the box thoroughly including all angles, photograph all damaged product inside the box exactly as you found it when opened. Then remove the the broken items and photograph them separately. DO NOT THROW ANTHING AWAY, USPS requires the entire package to be returned in many cases. 

We go to great lengths to ensure that your order arrives intact, if we are aware your shipping route is an issue we will package your items with more padding. If for some reason your order is damaged in transit, please report it to us within 7 days by TEXT: 415-272-3398, of the date you receive the merchandise.  If you receive product with damage in excess of 10% of your order, you will be required to return the product to Jessa Skin LLC or to USPS for your claim.  

We will not re-ship any damaged items after you have used your ONCE yearly claim. We will issue a credit to your account, you can then re-order the broken items. If we do not successfully receive a claim from USPS you will be responsible for paying for replacements, with the exception of ONE replacement package each year. 



  • We accept returns on unopened sealed / unused product within 30 days of purchase. There is a 25% restocking fee.
  • You are 100% responsible for return shipping fees, you may reach out to us and see if we can send you a discounted return label.
  • Returns must be completed by phone we do not accept returns through email, text or our website please call only 415-272-3398.
  • We do not accept returns of open product based on anything other than damage or pre-mature product expiration claims or re-called batches.


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