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Skincare Class

Esthetician + Spa education programs created by Licensed Esthetician Jessica "Jessa" Roberts for Professionals.
Certificate & Practitioner Programs COMING 2020:
- Jessa Peel Certificate
- Jessa Nano-Lift Certificate
- Jessa Facial Cupping Certificate
- Jessa California Jade Massage Certificate
- Jessa Acne Practitioner Certificate
- Jessa Age-Management Certificate
- Jessa Master Organic Practitioner Program
- SugarLove Master Sugarist Program
Training Options:
  1. FREE YouTube Videos: Jessa Esthetician
  2. FREE Facebook Group Webinars! (see calender & follow our social media)
  3. Online Video Class: 30min Session $35
  4. Online Video Class: 60min Session $75
  5. FREE 1 Hour Customized Video/Demo Class, you receive a one-hour class free every year with your active wholesale account.
  6. Sugaring Classes:https://www.sugaringprofessional.com/sugaring-classes

Call: 415-272-3398

Email: info@jessaskincare.com

Skype: jessaskincare

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